September 2009

September 12, 2009

We’ll it rained! But we were nice and cozy under our tents and tarps. In fact, it was just about the best shooting conditions we have ever shot under. No sun, so no mirage and absolutely zero wind!

Because of the conditions, a record was set at the 200 yard custom rifle class. During one of the relays, all 8 custom class shooters went 5 for 5. They hit five eggs in a row with five shots at 200 yards. Never been done before.

And the winners were:

100 Yd Rimfire:
Charles Silvia 15-18
200Yd Factory:
Joe Hecht 15-15 (And winner of the Savage Rifle gift certificate)
200Yd Custom:
Steve Travers 15-15 (This was decided with a 5 way “Sudden Death” shoot off Targets were ½” diameter “Dum-Dum” lollipops at 200 Yards!)
300 Yd Custom:
Joe Hecht 15-15 (This was decided with a Sudden Death shoot off with Mike Ramella with golf balls at 300 yds)
100 Yd Hunting / Sporting:
Art Caputo 15-15
100 Yd Handgun:
Ken Cummings 15-15

Next shoot is October 4th…………….See you there!

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