Machine Tools in the Shop

This is my JET 12X36BD Lathe. I’ve converted it to DC Drive for infinite variable speed and added a Shooting Star Digital Readout…



Here is my milling machine. A Grizzly 4003 with Shooting Star DRO



Here is a wood cutting band saw that I converted to DC Variable Speed Drive so I can now cut metal with it.


A couple of welders. The first one is a Miller Diversion 165 TIG and the second one is a Miller migmatic 185 MIG. “Welding is like knitting for men”


Here is my media blast cabinet and my gas welding rig.


Here is the metal cut-off band saw. A real workhorse in the shop.


Various grinders and sanders. All the tools are connected to a central dust collection sytem that resides in a shed next to the shop, along with the compressor. This keeps the shop quiet and dust free.


This shop has a very small work bench. I had a larger one but it was always cluttered. A small bench forces you to stop and clean up every so often. Much more organized.


The whole shop is heated by a natural gas fired radiant heater with no exposed flame.


Many more pictures for your viewing pleasure here:

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7 comments on “Machine Tools in the Shop”

    • RoyB

      Thanks! I purposly made all the bench tops very small. Every so often while working on a project I need to stop and put everything away. It keeps things need and mistakes or damage to the parts at a minimum.

  1. Mark Reply

    “…I converted to DC variable drive…” what, 3 or 4 times? Details! We want details!

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