Seat Back Fold Down for Dodge Ram 2500

I recently installed new leather seat covers in my 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel. A great product from a company called Clazzio

Upon removing the rear seat to install the covers I realized that the seat back is simply held in place by two metal tabs that slip over a couple of metal bars bolted to the rear bulkhead of the cab

The rear seatback is actually hinged and will fold forward so you can load bulky material on the back of the seatback and not damage the seating area.

Looking at it closely, I also realized that when you raise the seat bottom to access the storage underneath, the rear seat back raises up about an inch or two.



With wrench in hand here is what I did…

There are two bolts on each side of the rear seat holding the seat to the floor. Loosen the front two. You don’t need to remove them. Loosen them about 3/4 inch. Remove the rear two bolts. The seatback can now be raised to disengage the hooks holding the seat back in place. Fold down the seatback

With a socket wrench, remove the bolts holding the steel loops to the bulkhead.

Once the loop is removed, using a knife, cut some of the insulating material

Reinstall the loops upside down

Reinstall the two bolts you removed from the seat brackets and tighten the two forward bolts that you had loosened

Raise the seatback so it is back against the bulkhead. Now raise the seat bottom and the seatback will rise up an inch or so and the tabs on the seatback will reattach to the steel lops like magic!

On my truck I had to adjust the two steel loops down a bit. A heavy hammer and a couple of blows did the trick! Now the seatback can be raised and lowered very easily and my nice new seatcovers won’t be damaged if I need to load gun cases or fishing gear into the rear seat area of the truck.


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