I created a storage area under the bed in the forward section of my Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 19RR. This is detailed in one of my other posts

You can read all about it here:

One of the problems with this storage area is that it is quite large and hard to access items that find themselves in the far reaches.

I needed some way to slide “stuff” in and out as needed.

Fortunately I left the threshold unimpeded so I could easily slide something in and out on the floor. The solution was a tray on wheels.

I only have 15″ of height between the floor and the structure that hold the bed. Therefore the wheels needed to be extreme low profile. As I was thinking about it, I remembered the wheels on my luggage are extremely low profile as they are actually inset within the bottom of the case. This type of wheel is also used on sound reinforcement equipment cases. A quick Google search turned up these:

Reliable Hardware Company

RH-9024BK-A Recessed Tilt Caster Housing,

Medium Size, 2.75-Inch Diameter Wheel, Black

I paid $7.50 each on

Next it was off to Lowes Home Improvement for a 24″ X 48″ sheet of 1/2″ plywood and a stick of 1 X 2 pine.

A simple box was sized for a few plastic storage boxes I picked up at the local Job Lot store

Slots were cut into the ends of the box for the wheels

And the wheels were screwed in place

Here is what I ended up with

This “cargo slide” simply slides into the storage area

and is held in place with a simple toggle bolt and a hole drilled into the floor

The opposite end has a thick piece of foam rubber that is pushed up against the far bulkhead in the storage area. Once the toggle bolt is deployed, the cargo slide is imovable.

No more crawling on my belly like a snake to retrieve items at the far end………I’m getting too old for that!

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