Toy Hauler Ramp Lift Assist

If you have been following along with the farkles (modifications) I’ve performed to my Forest River 19RR Toy Hauler, you know that I’ve added a bunch of weight to the rear loading ramp

Relocated Spare Tire to the outside of the ramp

Built a Ramp Extension for easier motorcycle loading

Added stabilizers to the main ramp

Converted the table to a desk mounted to the ramp

All of this added approx 100 pounds to the ramp. It is now quite heavy. I can still lift it, but I’d rather not chance a sore back.

I needed to figure out a way to make raising …and lowering…the heavy ramp easier.

I ordered a spring kit from

But when it arrived I realized I had interference with the media system in the corner of the trailer. And I’d still be bending over and lifting a loading ramp, even though this spring was to remove 85 pounds of weight.

Just about now, I get an email offer from Harbor Freight with a 2500 pound ATV winch on sale for $55…with a wireless remote control!

Figured if I didn’t use it for this project, I’d use it on an ATV…

The installation was very easy. A couple holes drilled through the header of the ramp door for 2 3/8″ bolts……

Winch mounted centered on the door

















Once that was done, it was wired to an extra AGM battery I had hanging around. This was much easier than running the heavy wire 20′ to the front of the trailer. Since this winch will be used infrequently I’ll simply keep the battery charged with an Optimate automatic battery charger. (I raised and lowered the ramp over 20 times and the battery is still at 12.9v)














Next was attaching the hook to the ramp. I used a simple “D” ring available from Harbor Freight and a couple 1/4-20 bolts.  This hook is too large and it will be replaced with something smaller in the near future.

















And finally I built an enclosure out of some pebble finish plastic panel I had hanging around

















Here is a video of the ramp in operation

Here are a few more pictures of the installation and more here

Lot more articles on my main web site:




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16 comments on “Toy Hauler Ramp Lift Assist”

  1. Roy Bertalotto Reply

    No, It wouldn’t work within the space I have. So the winch is all I use.

    • Suzann Hug

      How can I do this if I have a screen on my back,is there a way? Thanks

  2. Eddie Reply

    that system looks great, but will not work if a vehicle needs the center of the ramp to load, like a trike motorcycle. I’m searching for an electric winch system that will work for that.

  3. Don Reply

    I love it , it well work on my Cyclone 4200 with a side deck and rear ramp , helps me a lot thanks

  4. Mileaway Reply

    Perfect. I have the winch and battery already and have been pondering how to use them for the ramp. I was thinking along the same lines as you and now I’m convinced it will work. However, I think I’ll use a recessed Ring on the gate so there is nothing for this old guy to trip on. Thanks for your great descriptions.

  5. mileaway Reply

    Yep, doing this modification now. I like the idea I can stop the ramp at any angle I might need and know it is secure too. Plus I’m old and tired of lifting that heavy door. Thanks for all the info. I just so happen to have one of those winches hanging around waiting for a project and this looks like it is it! I also installed a couple of adjustable trailer leveling legs so I can use the deck as a level patio as well. Works for me! Less than a $100 modification that pays great results.

  6. Roger Reply

    Did it to my toy hauler. It works great.
    I love being able to open and close it from my camp chair. hahaha
    Thanks for the idea and pics!
    Best Regards, Roger

  7. Gloria C Collins Reply

    We just purchased a used Thor 2015 Toy Hauler. I had no idea the ramp weighed a ton. (I think its made of cement) When I told my son that the ramp was going to be a challenge, he started googling and found this solution. Thank you!

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