Work Table / Desk addition to Loading Ramp

The rear wall of this Forest River 19RR is an empty spot that I usually set up a folding table in front of to create more kitchen space or a place to work if I’m working on the road.









With the addition of the ramp extension I built a few weeks ago                this allows me to create a fold up table on the back side of the extension.









If you don’t have the extension modification, you can still build this fold up table, but as you load your “toys”, you will be driving over the back side of the table. Not so bad and not a real impediment to loading anything with wheels.

I decided to make my table 20″ deep by 48″ wide. I started with a trip to Lowes Home Improvement and the purchase of a pine board 20 X 48, a 48″ piano hinge, two steel shelf supports, two 12″ piano hinges a couple of cabinet door magnets, two barrel bolts and a can of semi-gloss polyurethane.

First order of business was to give the pine table top four good coast of poly. Then it was a simple matter of attaching the 48″ piano hinge to the back and to the ramp at a 30″ height from the floor.









Next the 12″ pieces of piano hinge were attached to the steel shelf brackets so they can fold up out of the way when the ramp is deployed.









And lastly, a couple of cabinet door magnets hold them in place.















A pair of barrel bolt locks everything down for travel.

















As you can see, the table top is totally out of the way when the ramp is deployed









This is easily one of the best modifications I’ve performed on the trailer. The extra work space is fantastic and the grand kids use it as a dining table when traveling with us. I might actually replace the pine table top with a piece of man-made stone counter top for increased durability.



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8 comments on “Work Table / Desk addition to Loading Ramp”

  1. Sherry Reply

    This is fantastic! I have the same dilemma loading and unloading my motorcycle. Very scary backwards or forwards with that steep drop. I, too, lower the back jacks and hike up the front as far as possible. I am a travel RN (me and the Mastiff), and the loading and unloading is something I dread and agonize over with every assignment location. I’m not very good with tools, but will see if I can locate a fabricator that can copy this. Thanks for posting!

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Thank you Sherry. Any reasonable carpenter or mechanic can easily copy this design. A lot easier for your Mastif to get in and out also. Be safe!

  2. Brad Reply

    Can you show a closeup of piano hinge Ive built the extension but nervous about drilling into ramp door. Wondering the way you attached it thank you.

  3. Mike Seeley Reply

    This is by far the best looking and design I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post. I’m excited to copy your project on our toy hauler. It too is a forest river grey wolf. We have a Honda goldwing trike with floor boards and only has about 3 inches of clearance. I’ve been struggling with multiple pieces of lumber to get it loaded. I’ll be headed to home depot today. Thanks again. Mike

  4. Jim T Reply

    I like your design and interested in building it, but I have ultra and curious if I would need more support in the center.

    • Roy Bertalotto

      I’ve loaded my 600 pound bike with my 185 pound body on it with no issues so far. Have loaded many many times.

  5. Bob Blethen Reply

    Hi Roy, I just bought a 25 RR grey wolf. I will be extending the ramp. I pick it up in a couple of weeks.

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