Forest River 19RR Under Body Cargo Boxes

You always need more room for stuff!

Toy haulers have lots of room for big stuff like motorcycles, ATVs and golf carts….But they lack space for smaller things like tools, wheel chocks, extension cords, etc.

I always wanted to weld up a couple of aluminum “under body” boxes but simply never got around to it. Researching under body boxes for another project I’m working on, I stumbled across some extremely inexpensive aluminum tool boxes from AMAZON that can be repurposed as under body boxes.

30″ Aluminum Toolbox Truck Underbody Tote Pickup Lock with Key

  • The aluminum storage box aims to save space and provide extra storage under the truck bed
  • Aluminum tread plate in a bright finish
  • Features a weather resistant sealed door and a heavy duty hinge
  • Lock with two keys
  • Overall Dimensions: 30″ L x 13″ W x 10″ H
  • $75.95 with free PRIME shipping (as of 5-15-16)

So…Two were ordered up and arrived in two days with PRIME second day shipping.

Looking under my trailer, I realized that the space to the front of the trailer, between two supports , was exactly the same width as these tool boxes! I couldn’t have planned it better!

I had to remove the two side handles as they made the box just a bit to wide and they were not needed anyways.









Here you can see the diamond plate “patch” that replaced the handle.

The box was held in place by simply drilling through the two supports and securing with 5/16″ stainless steel bolts , nuts and washers.

The hasp lock was reconfigured and utilized the hardware that cam with the tool box

On the other side I wasn’t so lucky. When I installed my solar system and my battery box, I ran a ton of wires through this area. And no way did I want to go through the work of moving them.

So I decided to move the right side box back toward the axles.

One side of the box bolted to an existing bracket

The other side of the box required a simple angle iron bracket…more stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers…

I really like the way this project came out. Although I don’t plan on putting anything very heavy in these boxes, I feel they are rugged enough to carry up to 50 pounds without any issues

Hope you liked this little “farkle”……Thanks

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