Purgatory Pic’s Cowboy Action Gun Cart

My shooting buddy, Purgatory Pic, asked me to build him a simple gun cart for Cowboy Action Shooting.

He wanted a simple cart with a box in the front that could double as a seat, it needed to hold four rifles and a shotgun.


Here are the results:


To keep cost down, we used simple C grade pine. three eight foot boards. 1X6, 1X8 and 1X12. All Eight fee5t long. Total cost for lumber, $32.00


It was all “Glued and Screwed” with walnut plugs over the screw holes.

The box was made removable and secures to the cart with two brass hold downs.

The box is 12″ X 12″ X 18″. The lid can be locked with a padlock.

Wheels are removable for transport.

A few walnut spacers keep the rifles butts from hitting each other.


You can read about another Cowboy Action Gun Cart I built here:

Cowboy Action Shooting Gun Cart


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