SKB Shotgun Forend Fix

The SKB 100 and 200 double barrel shotguns are the favorite of the Single Action Shooting Society or Cowboy Action Shooting crowd. But they have one relatively large issue. The forend tends to creep forward under recoil and in some cases may split the forend wood.

I decided to try and bed the forend on my SKB with Brownells Steel Bed epoxy, but since there is so little purchase are for the forend metal to bed to, it failed after a few outings and the wood moved forward again.

Hard to see in this picture but the forend has a gap about an 1/8 of an inch to the metal hinge.

The answer was to machine a much larger steel “boss” that the forend hanger metal would fit into and add much more area to recoil against.

This picture shows the metal forend insert and the small “boss” that is designed to counteract recoil as it is bedded into the wood of the forend. The steel boss I turned on the lathe is next to it.

The forend was set up on the milling machine and a Forsner Bit was used to bore the recess

The recess is bored to the proper depth

Need to leave a bit of space around the new insert for the JB Weld

The insert is JB Welded in place and forend hanger reinstalled

Ain’t going no place now!

More pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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