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Bore Guide For The 17hmr Rifle…


When Hornady developed the 17HMR rimfire cartridge, they really hit a home-run! And the rifle manufacturers turned out a plethora of rifles to chamber it.

But unlike the 22RF cartridge, which many seasoned shooters will tell you, might never need to have the bore scrubbed, the 17HMR with its “real” copper jacketed bullet and its extreme velocity, needs bore cleaning often.

The problem is, no one makes a “proper” bore guide for this type of rifle. Most 17HMR rifles are nothing more than 22RFM rifles with a 17cal barrel. And many of these 22RF rifles have one issue when you try to use a standard bore guide that protects the delicate chamber edge and the bottle neck area of the chamber. A fixed ejector is in the way.

This little “shark fin” is right in line with the chamber and is fixed. It doesn’t move out of the way. Therefore the bore guide you might use for your centerfire rifles will not pass by and work in this rifle.

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