Bore Guide For The 17hmr Rifle…


When Hornady developed the 17HMR rimfire cartridge, they really hit a home-run! And the rifle manufacturers turned out a plethora of rifles to chamber it.

But unlike the 22RF cartridge, which many seasoned shooters will tell you, might never need to have the bore scrubbed, the 17HMR with its “real” copper jacketed bullet and its extreme velocity, needs bore cleaning often.

The problem is, no one makes a “proper” bore guide for this type of rifle. Most 17HMR rifles are nothing more than 22RFM rifles with a 17cal barrel. And many of these 22RF rifles have one issue when you try to use a standard bore guide that protects the delicate chamber edge and the bottle neck area of the chamber. A fixed ejector is in the way.

This little “shark fin” is right in line with the chamber and is fixed. It doesn’t move out of the way. Therefore the bore guide you might use for your centerfire rifles will not pass by and work in this rifle.

Bore guides exist for this type of action, but they are open bottom designs and do not enter the chamber and protect the delicate chamber edge or the bottleneck area of the chamber.

Enter the RVB Precision Bore Guide for the 17HMR rifle.

My bore guides is made of 7075 anodized aluminum tubing. Totally unaffected by any type of cleaning solution you might use.

One end is swagged down to fit completely into the chamber of a 17HMR rifle. There by guiding the cleaning rod perfectly to the throat area and the bore without touching the chamber walls or edge.

This aluminum tube is thin enough to pass by the ejector, yet it is extremely rigid being made of hard anodized 7075 tubing.

The tight fit of the bore guide in the chamber also stops cleaning solvents from getting into the actions trigger, magazine etc

Once the bore guide is in place, a supplied aluminum bushing is slid over the tube.

And into the action to keep the tube aligned. Perfect!

A cleaning patch and a 17 caliber cleaning rod is inserted into the bore guide and you end up with a nice clean bore.


Folks have been using my bore guide with the Ruger American. But they do not use the bushing as the Ruger does not use a round bolt. This doesn’t seem to be an issue as the bushing only serves to stabilize the guide. To develop a bushing that would fit the Ruger American would take too much CNC effort and would make the guide too expensive. We still ship the guide with the standard bushing so it can be used on other “round bolt” guns. Or the bushing could be modified by the buyer with files an lots of elbow grease to fit the Ruger American.


NOTE: Price Increase….

Due to the huge increase in shipping , I’ve had to raise prices a bit. When I started shipping these bore guides the cost to ship by Priority Mail anywhere in the USA was $4.30….Currently it is $10.20 !!!!…..So I’ve had to raise the price from $24.95 to $29.95…..

You can send me a check for $29.95 (personal check OK) or you can pay by PayPal ($29.95 to This price includes shipping to the lower 48. (Canada is $29.95 + $37 shipping = $66.95 USD)….

(Anywhere else, send me an email with your shipping address and I’ll get back to you with a shipping quote…See note on Europe shipping below)

If you are paying by PayPal be sure to let me know what the funds are for in the comments section and include your shipping address. You’d be surprised how many fail to let me know where to ship it!

The minute I receive funds the bore guide goes in USPS Priority  mail. You will receive it in two to three days.

Send check to:

Roy Bertalotto

1 Country Club Blvd

North Dartmouth, MA 02747

Please let me know how you found out about our bore guide. This would be greatly helpful. Thanks!

USE EMAIL TO CONTACT ME!……The contact page is like a politician…..It sometimes works!

My Email:


The “Proper 17 HMR Bore Guide”  is now available to Europe. I’m not sure where they ship to. A quick call or email can figure it out for you


Unit 11 Bowdens Farm Business Park




TA10 0BP

01458 253700


A fellow was inquiring if the Proper 17HMR Bore Guide would work with the new SAVAGE A17 semi automatic rifle. I had no idea as I don’t have access to this rifle. So I sent him a Bore Guide to test. He just got back to me that “YES” it will work just fine.




Here’s what a few folks are saying:


I received the 1st bore guide; these are outstanding!
I PayPal’d  money for a 2nd Bore guide so I can give one to a friend.  These are great!
Thank You,


Thank you Roy, it arrived and looks great, I will use it this weekend sometime and show it to my friends with 17 hmr’s. I found it almost impossible to properly clean the 17 without something like this.

Regards, Mark 


Tried the Proper Bore Guide out on my new, Browning T-Bolt Target / Varmint. Both the guide and the bushing are perfectly fit to the T-Bolt. Employed a cloth under the chamber area as instructed but the only solvent to speak of was when I removed the guide and perhaps a drop came out. Very clean and neat solution to bore cleaning the HMR-17. I really liked how much support your guide provides that delicate little cleaning rod. Wanted to post my enthusiastic support of your simple and well thought out solution to a common problem with this great, little cartridge.


Mr. Bertalotto, the 17 HMR Bore Guide has arrived.
Thank you for the prompt completion of my order.
The Bore Guide is a well thought out product and most importantly, it is SIMPLE.
Simple is GOOD.
Thank you also for the instructions.
L. A. Garcia


I got my package today…..WOW I have a Ruger precision 17HMR and it was a real pain to clean. The cheek weldwould get in the way so I had to loosen it to get a rod into that small opening. This bore guide made it so NO MORE having to reset my cheek weld and LOP every time I cleaned.  My A17 is a lot easier to clean also…..DR

Thanks Roy,

received my package last week.  Works Great!  Much appreciated!


I got it,perfect,it also work on .17 WSM,good job,thanks again and take care china virus. ….Serafin

I received the bore guide last Friday, cleaned my rifle the next day. It worked like a charm. I’ll spread the word. Thanks once again!


  Hi Roy.

  I bought 2 of your .17 bore guides last year – work great in Savage A17 semiautos (Savage actually makes that gun cleanable from the action. Most semiautos have to be cleaned from the barrel end.) Just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased a Savage BMag .17WSM. Your bore guide works great in that gun as well! Thanks for doing it. Hopefully you are still making them.

  Also, wanted to let you know that your advice for a bore cleaner – Bore Tech Elminator- was spot on. It has no odor and it gets bores squeaky clean. I actually have to shoot my A17’s 5-10 times to foul the bore to get them to settle down to a really tight pattern after I’ve cleaned them.

  Not sure about the .17WSM. That round looks dirtier (more carbon fouling) than the .17HMR. Not a problem, just an observation.

Hope all is well with you.



Your  bore guide works great.  Such a simple device that does such a perfect job.

Mike M, Utah

Got the bore guide.  Works perfectly!  Thanks a million.
Got it Roy…….
Tried it out already and it’s PERFECT………
Many thanks,
John N

Hello RoyB:

Your 17 HMR Bore Guide is awesome! I used it for a Winchester Low Wall, so I cut the length of the tube in half. The collar stopped right at the action and helped center/hold the guide.I will bet you can sell more of these!I will try to make a post on the 17HMR website I just joined, showing the gang there how well it works for my Low Wall.This is the BEST thing to come out of Mass in years!(I can say that… Was born down there…)Tight groups!Old No7
oldnosevenHey Roy,Great product.

Thanks!HB, Montana

Hi Roy,
I just got done using my new bore guide for the first time and I must say it is a really great tool.  Much much better then the bottomless guides we’ve used all these years.  You were also right, it doesn’t need a solvent port, just a towel placed under the end and good to go.  The tiny diameter of a 17 caliber bore and the tiny patches don’t require a lot of solvent to be pushed through the guide.  I bet the curve will settle in even better the more it’s used.  Great guide and great price Roy.
Take care,
Dave T
Roy,received the bore guide and it works great!

Just get the RVB Precision bore guide for .17HMR, great tool at a great price. It is soo much better then the open bottomed bore guides we used for years, so simple and so effective and fast and neat and clean, just a great tool. If you all own a .17HMR you need this tool.
Dave T

Roy,  Thanks for an amazing product. My guide arrived today used it and loved and  the ease of use and the joy of a bore guide that actually functions in my 17 hmr rifle…Many Thanks…….Eric

I got your 17 HMR guide.  What a simple and elegant solution you came up with.  Any chance you have one is this that is necked down small enough for 22 long rifle or 17 Mach 2?

(Hi Bill,
It really is pretty neat isn’t it! Thanks for the kind words.
I tried making one for 22RF and 17M2 as I get asked all the time…. but it can’t be done. The aluminum tube wall is simply too thick to allow the larger 22rf cleaning rod to pass. (if I use a thinner wall tubing, it collapses with use)
I do know folks are using my 17HMR bore guide on their 22mag rifles with a 17cal brush.
But there really isn’t a needed and a market for a 22rf version as most folks rarely if ever clean the bore of a 22rf. The 22rf simply does not have the performance to foul a bore like the 17HMR does.)
Just wanted to let you know that I received my bore guides today and I have to say it is the best I have used for the 17HMR. Works great on my Cooper, Anschutz, and Ruger. I have probably spent over $200.00 on other bore guides that doesn’t  work very well. You hit a home run for all of us that wants a proper working bore guide for the 17HMR
Many thanks, Tom,……..Centre, ALABAMA
I recently received a RVB Precision bore guide.First of all this seems to be a top notch company and I base that statement on the following reasons:
1) communication was great
2) product shipped out the moment funds were received (despite the fact that it was around the holiday season).
3) I received the product in a well packed box
4) and although not really needed, it arrived with detailed instructions.After using the RVB bore guide, I could not be happier with it’s performance.  Although I have not tried some of the bore guides listed in this post, I can tell you that this one is up to the task and I could not be happier with it!
TB Colorado
Hey Roy,  your tool works terrific in my CZ 452 American.  The shorter version that you sent is perfect with my 30″ cleaning rod.  Very simple design and nice quality.  I like the way the bushing stays put when you squeeze the trigger and slide it into the bolt.  Thanks for your extra help.-Mike
 Got the guide Monday, used it tonight and it worked great. It’s a good design, good price and I’m very happy with it. Thank you.
Dear RVB,
Had  a chance to try the 17 HMR bore guide; works great–just the right length for a 22″ barrel and a 30″ cleaning rod.
Thanks for the service.
Hello Roy,
              Arrived today excellent service thankyou, works a treat.  Kind regards Alan W… UK.

Hi Roy,

The bore guide arrived, fantastic, thanks so much for firstly making it, then secondly mailing it to me in Australia.

Great service, if only you were closer I would pat you on the back and say thanks to you in person!



Got my bore guide a couple of weeks ago. It works great, makes cleaning almost fun. Thank you, Andy

Hi Roy,
Just to let you know your cleaning rod bore guide performs perfectly on my Savage 93R17TR rifle time after time, no leaks, no bent or damaged cleaning rod. I used it lately on a friends new Savage 17HMR to remove some preservative coating from within the new barrel to facilitate his being able to run a bore snake through it, all went well and he will probably be contacting for a purchase of the same. American ingenuity, thinking out of the box, call it what you like, it’s good knowing people like you are around for people like us. This is indeed a K.I.S.S. cost effective solution that takes the work out of work. Good Job.
John M
Got it yesterday and used it this morning thanks a lot Roy works perfect!!!

Thank you Roy this is excellent mate. Works perfect. Makes cleaning the 17hmr barrel enjoying.


Finally got to Tennessee where my Savage B Mag 17 is.
Verdict: It works. Thanks Ken
Thanks so very much for your bore guide. It worked great on my savage 93 R17 fvxp.
It worked just like you said it would. …RR

Roy : The 17 HMR  Bore Guide arrived yesterday .It works good ; just what I needed . Thanks .Murray (2-5-19)


Just a little note to let you know I used your bore guide over the weekend to clean my Savage BMAG Target .17 WSM after shooting 50 rounds at the range.
It was easier to start the rod down the barrel than ever before.
It still wasn’t an easy task to clean this gun (probably never will be), but it was easi-ER. And that’s an improvement over my teflon bore guide.


Alan (12-2-19)


“Ray”….  I purchased your bore guide and it works AWESOME!! Add Ruger Precision Rifle to the list of rifles that your guide fits. Thanks again and have a good day…..Gary


Bore guides arrived today and I must say they look great! Thanks again Roy and have a great weekend!


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108 comments on “Bore Guide For The 17hmr Rifle…”

  1. Martin Prus Reply

    Will this work on the Savage 17 HMRs because most commercial 17 HMR bore guides I have seen are specific to the actual model. If so, will you ship to Canada?

    • Roy Bertalotto

      It will only work with the 17 HMR chambered rifles. The diameter of the end of the tube that fits into the chamber is too large for the 17M2. It will not work on a 22RF or 22Mag as the ID of the bore guide is not large enough for a 22cal cleaning rod to pass through.

  2. Richard Flores Reply


    I would like to purchase a bore guide for my Savage 93R17; however, I don’t quite see where on this website I can make that purchase. Please advise.


    Richard Flores

    P.S. If you can send me an address to which I can send you a money order I will send that out right away.

  3. John Greene Reply

    Will this work with a CZ 452 and a Ruger 77/17? Also with 17M2 as well?

  4. Scott Reply

    I have a Marlin 917 17HMR bolt action…. 1st question is will your bushing fit this rife? and 2nd question is if you tip your gun muzzle up will this device fall out or is there enough friction to hold it in place, most others have a pseudo(sp) bolt handle that locks the device in place.

    if this wants to fall out as I have seen others do, I do not have enough hands to hold the gun, retain this guide and pull the cleaning rod back out.

    • Roy Bertalotto

      The bore guide will fit your rifles. It will not fall out if the muzzle is pointed up, but as you remove the cleaning rod, you need to hold the bore guide in place as the cleaning rod will pull the bore guide out if the brush or cleaning patch is a tight fit.

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  6. Graham Ward Reply

    Please advise –
    a) If you have a “Bore Guide” to suit my .17HMR CZ rifle
    b) Can you send quickly to my UK address
    c) What would shipment etc. cost
    d) Total cost.

    Thanks, Graham

  7. Mack mars Reply


    Is that shaft a arrow shaft diameter is or looks close..
    can’buy any tubeing around here on orlando fla..

    advise please!!


    • Roy Bertalotto

      Yes. I use a 1616 arrow shaft material as it is the only source on planet earth for the diameter and wall thickness I need. I buy the tubing direct from the arrow distributor without fetching and tips.

  8. Garry Reply


    I would like to buy one of your bore guides for a 17 HMR I live in Fort Saskatchewan Alberta Canada, Postal Code T8L 3K3

    Please advise if you would mail one to me and how you would li8k
    like to get Paid,


  9. Richard Reply

    I wish to use Wipeout foaming bore cleaner which requires an O-ring type seal. Could you modify your 17HMR bore guide be to include an O-ring or tapered rubber stopper adapter in or at the chamber mouth? Thanks.

  10. CARL farnsworth Reply

    I have a CZ 452 17 hmr from what I have read on your site it should work carl f

  11. Louis Woods Reply

    Do you make a bore guide for the CZ452 .17machII, .22lr, and .22magnum? I have all three and would like bore guides for all of them.

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Sorry, we do not. The 17HMR bore guide will work in your 22Magnum if you use a 17 cal cleaning rod. But the brush will be a lose fit. We’ve tried to make guides for these rifles but the tubing walls get too thin to be able to allow the thicker cleaning rod and they prove too fragile.

  12. Roverhound Reply

    The bore guide works great! I can clean my Ruger 77/17 in less time and actually get those tiny patches through the barrel. Well worth the money.

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Hi Larry, I haven’t had the opportunity to try it in the SuperMag yet. But I see no reason it wouldn’t work. If you buy one and it doesn’t work I’ll refund all your $$ plus return shipping costs.

  13. JERRY K Reply

    It sounds like just what I’ve been looking & waiting for
    send me two one is for my marlin mod 917v 17hmr
    and one for my 22LR,mag.


  14. ROD Reply


    Will your bore guide fit & work well with my Winchester 9417 17HMR ?

    If so, do you have one ready to ship to MN 56735?

    Thanks, Rod

  15. Andrew Reply

    Have you considered drilling and tapping the bushing so a threaded pin can lock into the bolt action on the gun and fix the guide in place? (Similar to the Dewey guides).

    • Roy Bertalotto

      $24.95 includes shipping. Firts of the year the price is going to $25.00 even. When I cash the checks I don’t want .95 cents in my pocket… 🙂

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Yes, But it adds quite a bit to the cost and really isn’t necessary for proper function. It can damage the thin tube if tightened too much. Some folks have done this whemselves

  16. Kirk Reply


    Was just making sure the bore guides were still available.
    Looks like a much better product than I am using in my
    Marlin 17V at this time. Would love to send you a check and try it out! Found you with the good ol’e Google. Look forward to hearing from you.


  17. Nick Anderson Reply

    I have the same question as Kirk – are these guides still available? Also, will they work with a Ruger M77/17 in 17 Hornet? It’s proving difficult to find a guide for the .17 Hornet. I’ll shoot you an email as well.

  18. Roy Bertalotto Reply

    Hello Roy:
    I used the bore guide today; what a nice change!
    I have friends who shoot .17’s; to those that are serious about bore care they need one of these.
    Thanks for an excellent product,

  19. Gary Reply

    Looks like a great idea and design. Would the price be the same if I ordered two bore guides for my CZ 455 in .17 HMR? Since they are so light, would it possibly be $19.95 X 2 + $5 (postage) = $44.90?
    Let me know ASAP, because I need to order these.

  20. Steve Reply

    Need a bore guide for the new Savage B mag rifle using the Winchester super mag cartridge. (.17 cal). Do you plan to make these guides available? There is currently nothing available commercially that I know of. The gun is brand new and I would like to properly season the barrel. Thanks.

  21. Britt Reply

    Paid Via paypal and he shipped the same day as ordered. Ships priority mail and I got mine in 2 days. Simple design. Looks like a cut off aluminum arrow shaft that has been tapered at one end to fit (perfectly) into my Savage 93 R17 chamber. Bushing adds just enough pressure in the bolt receiver to keep the guide straight. Paid less than $25 including shipping. Small price to pay to protect a $350 gun. Great job Roy! Love it when a small business owner/entrepreneur solves a problem and makes a few well deserved dollars!

  22. shawn fraley Reply

    I have a new savage B 17 super mag. will this work on this rim fire rifle as well? If so I will place my order today.

    thanks shawn

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Yes, lots of folks have bought the bore guide for this new 17 rifle. As long as there is a clear shot to the chamber, it will work.

  23. Andrew Reply

    Hey Roy,
    Just what I’m looking for,
    I see you ship to Australia, is it still $19.95 + $23 usd to get it over here?
    We are in Adelaide, South Australia

    Many thanks

  24. Ed Bruns Reply

    Received your .17HMR bore guide yesterday and tried it out today. Works great in my Ruger 77/17 .17HMR and my CZ-451 American .17HMR. The aluminum bushing did fit the Ruger just fine. I read on rimfireCentral a hint that cotton swabs would work to clean .17HMR barrel bores. Tried it and it works great. Just be sure to twist the ends tightly, otherwise it will get stuck in the bore and you will be pushing it out from the crown end. I keep Q-Tips around for cleaning other areas, they are cheap and readily available. Try it, I think you might like this idea.

  25. Charles Smead Reply

    How long does the cleaning rod have to be to use your bore guide with a CZ 455 Varmint rifle?

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Depends on length of barrel. The bore guide adds approx 10″ to the length of your barrel. I like long cleaning rods where the handle ends up behind the butt stock when the cleaning patch exits the muzzle.

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  27. Rob Reply

    Hi Roy,

    Rob again from Kangaroo Land. I see on your site that yes you do ship the .17HMR bore guide to Oz, and I am trying to place and order but cannot see how to do so???
    I can pay with Paypal and it looks like approx $50 – 60 total.


  28. Brent Reply

    I ordered one of these for a Savage 17 hmr. Works perfectly! Only thing I need now is a bore guide for my Marlin 30-30. Hint hint. I remove the bolt from it to clean from the breach to muzzle. Unfortunately NO ONE makes a bore guide for any lever action. If you end up selling one, I will be your first buyer!

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Hmmmm….I didn’t know you couldn’t get a bore guide for the Marlins. I shoot Cowboy Action and lots of folks use Marlins. I’ll have to dig my 336 and 94 out of the closet and look into this. Thanks!

    • Roy Bertalotto

      As long as you have direct access to the chamber from the rear of the action, it should work. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with that right.

  29. Roger H Reply

    I have a Savage 17 WSM (BMAG) Will your bore guide work in this rifle? Is length ok for 36 cleaning rod?

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Yes, I have many customers using our bore guide with the BMAG.
      The bore guide is 9″ long so add this length to your barrel length to determine length of cleaning rod needed.

  30. Warrick Webber Reply

    Hi i Have a CZ 457 .17 hmr. I am just wondering if it will work on this latest model and if so how do I get one to New Zealand? many thanks.W

  31. Phillip Linville Reply

    Can I order a 17hmr bore guide for an A17 Savage. By calling a phone number. Please give me the number

  32. Jeffrey Davis Reply

    If I order 2 bore guides at 20.00 each do I need to double the shipping at 10.00 ? Thought I read can ship up to 9 in same package.

  33. Rick Krull Reply

    Roy, I received the bore guide yesterday, having come in a timely manner. Even though my CZ 455 was already cleaned I had to try out the bore guide. It works GREAT. Quality product and great service. Thank You!

  34. Michael Moore Reply

    hi there iam at a great loss, and would hope you to help if you can with a boar guide for a Weihrauch hw 66 Jagd-Match in .17 hornet. kind regards Mick Moore, from Australia.

    • Roy Bertalotto

      In the last ten or more years, we’ve sold thousands of these 17 bore guides. Not one single complaint…..If they were not standing up to the bore brush, we would hear about it.

  35. Paul Kwakenat Reply

    Would like to order a couple bore guides but can’t figure site out.

  36. Gary Wray Reply

    Had a GREAT experience ordering & receiving my “Proper 17HMR Bore Guide”. Ordered it long after working hours (Pacific Time) on Thurs/3rd ; paid via PayPal, which also worked well for status messages (like, “it shipped”). The Guide shipped (from MA) the next morning (Fri/4th). It arrived (in CA) on Mon/7th, as promised, via USPS Priority Mail (flat-rate box). The Guide was constrained diagonally within the box, with its tips NOT touching the walls/corners, and arrived in excellent condition. Great service! Very happy with the fit in my Savage 93R17. It might be nice to have some sort of add-on solvent port, but it’s NOT a major hardship to put a “diaper” on the stock. THANKS!

  37. Charles Snodgrass Reply

    Has your Bore Guide for the 17 HMR been used for the Bergara BMR 17 HMR Carbine? I recently purchased one and will order your bore guide if it has been used on the Bergara or appears likely to be suitable.
    Would also be interested in knowing your preferences, if you would choose to share, in cleaning rods for the 17 and your Bore Guide.

    • Roy Bertalotto

      Yes, as far as I know, it will work on the Bergara. No real preference on cleaning rods. I don’t like plastic covered rods or the Bore Snake type cleaners. They can inbed a piece of grit and scratch the bore. I like just plain Stainless Steel….BTEW, I have a Bergara in 6.5 Creedmore. One of the most accurate rifles I own….Hope your 17HMR is as good…

  38. Andy A Reply

    I have savage 93r17 will this work? Also, can’t figure out how to send message name field won’t allow me to put my info. Ready to purchase via PayPal – send instructions please I am in Athens, AL 35613

    • Roy Bertalotto

      You can send me a check for $29.95 (personal check OK) or you can pay by PayPal ($29.95 to This price includes shipping to the lower 48. (Canada is $29.95 + $37.00 shipping = $66.95) Anywhere else, send me an email with your shipping address and I’ll get back to you with a quote…

      The minute I receive funds the bore guide goes in the mail. You will receive it in two to three days.

      Read more about the bore guide here:

      Send check to:
      Roy Bertalotto
      1 Country Club Blvd
      North Dartmouth, MA 02747

      Please let me know how you found out about our bore guides.


  39. Everett Reply

    Tried the Proper Bore Guide out on my new, Browning T-Bolt Target / Varmint. Both the guide and the bushing are perfectly fit to the T-Bolt. Employed a cloth under the chamber area as instructed but the only solvent to speak of was when I removed the guide and perhaps a drop came out. Very clean and neat solution to bore cleaning the HMR-17. I really liked how much support your guide provides that delicate little cleaning rod. Wanted to post my enthusiastic support of your simple and well thought out solution to a common problem with this great, little cartridge.

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