Recently the group that oversees the “WILD BUNCH” shooting competition over at the “Single Action Shooting Society” modified the rules on 1911 magazine modifications and now allow a leather magazine pad on the bottom of our 1911 magazines. These can be bought a Mernickle Holsters and they are beautiful… And you can even have your initials stamped on them!

But if you know me, I like to make things so I decided to make my own….Here is a How To

First, find an old thick leather belt or some kind of thick leather strap. It must be real leather or it won’t stand up to the abuse. The rules say it must be less than 1/4″ thick.

You will need a utility knife with a brand new, sharp, blade

Using the magazine as a guide, cut the leather into strips exactly the width of the bottom of the magazine

Next, cut this strip into segments slightly longer than the magazine base

Slightly angle the corners on one edge

Next, using STARBOND SUPER GLUE with their activator, glue the leather pad to the bottom of the magazine with the back even and the round end slightly overhanging

(WHAT!!! You don’t use STARBOND SUPERGLUE……You have no idea what you are missing. This stuff is EASILY the best adhesive on planet earth. Check it out….. )

Now using that very sharp utility knife, cut the leather for the rounded tip by taking a bunch of small cuts. Use a wood block and “chop” off the pieces rather than trying to cut them off. In other words, just push down on the knife rather than trying to drag it. It will come out much nicer and cleaner,

Once that is done, rub your finger all around the edge of the pad. This will smooth everything out.

If you like, use a permanent market to color the edges of the leather

And you’re done!

Thanks for looking!

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