Forest River Grey Wolf 19RR Toy Hauler Ramp Extension

My Grey Wolf 19RR sits quite high. The loading ramp has a very sharp angle that makes loading and unloading a motorcycle a bit more exciting than I bargained for.  Usually I unhook from the truck and raise the front of the camper as high as the jack will take it. But now I’m loading a motorcycle on a floor that is on an angle. Not easy to do alone.

Pictures are deceiving. It is actually quite steep. Some, low slung cruiser type motorcycles can’t make it over the transition hump!

The solution is to extend the ramp.

I decided to extend my ramp 48″.  A trip to Lowes or Home Depot found:

(1) 4′ X 4′ 3/4 sheet plywood

(2) 10′ 3/4″ aluminum C-Channel

(1) Can Flat Black Paint

(1) 4′ Piano Hinge

(2) Screen Door handles

(2) Small barrel bolts

(30) Self tapping, 1 1/2″ X 10 Self Taping Flat Head Screws

To start, the 4 X 4 sheet of plywood was painted with flat black paint. a cup of fine sand was gently tossed on the wet paint.









Once this dried, two more coats of Flat Black paint were applied. This creates a nice, no slip, surface











Next the aluminum “c” channel is installed around the edge using 45 degree cuts on the corners

The piano hinge is installed on the trailers ramp edge using self taping screws into the existing ramps aluminum edge









This is the type of screw I used  into pre drilled holes.









They tightened up beautifully in the aluminum edge of the existing ramp.


Next the ramp extension was placed on the existing ramp and attached using more self taping screws









The existing ramp is 58″ wide. I simply didn’t want or need the extra weight of going the full width. This size added 28 pounds to the existing ramp









A couple of small barrel bolts were added to keep it in place while traveling









And a pair of Screen Door Handles were installed on the edge to ease handling









And a few rubber feet completes the deal









I ordered a set of “Swing Down” leveling legs online. These were attached to the end of the existing ramp with a couple 3/8″ bolts and nuts.

















As you can see, the loading will now be much easier and not as scary!

















The finished product from the inside, closed up. (Would make a great Dart Board backstop!)

UPDATE!    I added a work table / desk to this side of the ramp. Read about it here:

Work Table / Desk addition to Loading Ramp











I also welded a couple of 1/4 X 20 nuts to the back of a couple pieces of steel and inset them into the floor to hold the wheel chock from sliding around.

Flush with the floor so no tripping hazard.

























I made up a couple of long thumb bolts to screw into these nuts

















This hold the wheel chock in place and very secure.


I’ve tested the new ramp extension and wheel chock hold down and it works great. This type of wheel chock holds the bike totally steady while you tie it down. Makes loading and unloading your motorcycle an easy one person job.


Hope you like this little modification. Lots more on the full web site

And lots more pictures here:








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6 comments on “Forest River Grey Wolf 19RR Toy Hauler Ramp Extension”

  1. Jim Reply

    This looks awesome. I have a very similar camper and can’t wait to try to build this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jim and Cathy Coleman Reply

    Could you please provide a picture of the ramp door closed so that we can see how the legs look on the outside of the trailer, and could you please provide a link as to were to purchase the legs.

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